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18 July 2012 @ 11:25 pm
But I feel like sharing my collection of j-rock/visual kei CDs. It's a VERY long list so prepare.
I will separate them by post depending on how big they are. First up is my most prized collection of An Cafe.:)

An Cafe


- Uzumaki Senshokutai / Hatsukoi (DEMO)
- Candy Holic 
√69 (First Press w/ Teruki Card)
- Kirikiri Kirikiri (LIVE DISTRIBUTION)
- Ame no Hankagai (LIVE DISTRIBUTION)
- Cosmos (2nd Press)
- Karakuri Hitei
- Tekesuta
- Escapism
- Merrymaking
- 10's Collection March
- BondS ~Kizuna~
Smile Ichiban Ii ♀
- Snow Scene (CD/DVD)
- Kakusei Heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A "NAME"~ (CD/DVD)
- Ryuusei Rocket (CD/DVD)
- Cherry Saku Yuuki!! (Regular & CD/DVD)
Natsu Koi★Natsu GAME (Type A & Type B)


- Amedama Rock (First Press)
- Shikisai Moment (First Press CD/DVD)
- Magnya Carta (First Press CD/DVD) [Autographed by Miku, Bou & Kanon]
- Gokutama ROCK CAFE (First Press CD/DVD) [Both Japanese & European Editions]
- Harajuku Dance Rock (CD/DVD)
- BB Parallel World (First Press CD/DVD)
- Antic Cafe (First Press Cardboard Slip Case)


- Like an CAFE
LIVE CAFE 20051203 Shikisai Aon at SHIBUYA O-EAST
LIVE CAFE 2006・Natsu Yagai de Nyappy 20060802 at Yoyogi Kouen B Chiku Yagai Stage
- LIVE CAFE 5th Anniversary Year Grand Finale Finale of NYAPPY ~Kawayu's ЯocК de Go Gogo!! o(≧∀≦)o~
LIVE CAFE 2010 King of Harajuku Dance Rock ~Ikinari Nyappy Legend~ 20100104 Nippon Budoukan

28 March 2011 @ 12:48 am
 Friends Only!
My journal posts are for friends only!
If you wish to read my posts the you'll have to add me.
I'm a friendly guy. You can read an about me down below if you wish.
See anything we have in common, then you can add.:]
I don't bite.^~^
I like making new friends!:D
20 February 2011 @ 05:19 pm
 This whole past month of February has been filled with so stuff going on.
Isn't this supposed to be the month of loving one another? I guess not...what with all the drama going around.>.>
Been feeling a bit stressed lately with so many thoughts going across my mind.
At least two amazing albums were released this month that kept me distracted.:D
Alice Nine. - Gemini
SID - dead stock

I really enjoyed both these albums. Alice Nine.'s album has some downsides and I'm still trying to get a proper feel on SID's dead stock.

Alice Nine's fourth album Gemini is by far my favorite A9 album to date. It's a bit different with what we usually hear from A9, but it has a lot to offer. The instrumental work has shown improvement and the production value is simply wonderful. The songs are a mixture of hard rock and alternative along with a small hint of pop. Shou's vocals have also improved. It sounds different from past songs, but I do prefer it. The song Fuurin is my favorite song in the whole album. It's the one song in the whole album that impressed me the most. It's simplicity and stunning vocal work make it a well composed jazz ballad. Rumwolf and KING&QUEEN are also great additions to the album. Rumwolf sounds like a hard rock anthem (to me at least). The song birth in the death had a different feel. It could have been a lot better. I really began to enjoy the song near the end where it the piano and other instruments come in. The first half was something I disliked. It was too bland. 4U as a ballad did not impress me much. It was okay, but not memorable. I feel as if it's like any other ballad I've heard before.
Now it's time for my reaction on the lead single. The Gemini trilogy is definitely a memorable musical piece. The guitar duels that Hiroto and Tora share are quite impressive. They each have their own style ranging from fast-paced solos (Hiroto) to heavy riffs (Tora). Saga's bass skills seem to show off in a lot of parts of the song which is definitely something that made the song better. Nao's drumming really added to the guitar parts in a way that it made it more riveting. Shou's vocals were similar to past singles, but it did compose well with the song in terms of a melancholic tone. I could say that Gemini-0-eternal by itself would be less impressive. The void completed the single with it's moving solos. The luv was pretty much the same as eternal except it was toned down a bit to make it an ending. My feelings toward this single is that it should have been only one full song. It feels as if it was split into 3 songs in order to fill up the album quota rather than making more songs. It's a good thing that the album was filled with well made songs to make up for that.
Overall the album is another great addition to what A9 has already produced. Congrats to Saga for composing such a beautiful album and congrats to A9 for another successful album!
Overall, I give the album an 8/10. (excluding Overture and Entr'acte...I really don't think they belonged in the album at all.)

SID's dead stock is an album I'll have to listen to more in order to write a proper reaction to it...but so far I like it.:)
22 April 2010 @ 12:09 am
Please leave feedback if you have purchased from me. Thank you!:)

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